Expert Legal Services

I provide provide a range of cost-effective, bespoke, and accessible legal services for SMEs, Limited Companies, Partnerships, and Individuals, including:

The process of working with me

Most of my legal services start with:

The rest of the process depends on whether we’re dealing with disputes and contentious work, or legal services and non-contentious work.

Please note that some of my services overlap.

Disputes & contentious work

Court proceedings

Legal representation at court hearings

Drafting of documents in court proceedings

Adjudication (in relation to construction contracts)

Mediation (in my role as legal advisor)

Legal services outside of disputes & non-continuous work

Commercial contract

Drafting of documents, for example:

Corporate documents

Drafting of documents, for example:

Construction contracts

Drafting of documents, for example:

Each of the above drafting services will be reviewed, discussed with and approved by the client.


To help companies and individual clients to resolve and/or avoid legal disputes by providing legal services with a personal approach, excellent client care, and practical and commercially viable solutions.


To empower people to recognise legal risks before they become a problem and by doing so, to enable them to take decisions and measures to avoid the costs, time and stress of a legal dispute.

Areas of expertise

Commercial Law Services

Corporate Law Services

Construction Law Services

Fees & Expenses

Where possible, I will quote a fixed fee.

If it is not possible to quote a fixed fee, I will review the provided information and papers, and on their basis, provide a quotation setting out the hourly rate that will be applied to your case, and the length of time the work is likely to take.

You will always be asked to agree the fee before any work is undertaken.

Fees from £350

Depending upon the complexity of the matter, my hourly rate is between £350 and £500 exclusive of VAT.

Travel & accommodation expenses

I may charge travel time, travel cost and overnight accommodation for hearings, meetings and conferences that last multiple days, multi-track claims, and court or ADR hearings over one day.

Regulated barrister

As a Barrister, I am a regulated legal adviser and court room advocate. There are strict rules on what I must do for the court and my client, and the way my services are conducted. If I break these rules, The Bar Standards Board can take action against me.

Need legal services, advice or representation?

Let’s have a chat and see if we’d like to work together on your dispute or legal matter.

I instructed Theo on a 1/2 day Mediation. Theo’s mediation approach was excellent; indeed, he went above and beyond to facilitate a settlement.

James Freemantle